Saturday, October 10, 2009

25 Challenge Complete..

After I posted my blog earlier this evening I then realized I have completed my 25 motif challenge.. I had no idea I was that close and also I have tatted items and given them away before getting a picture taken of it.. Also there was a couple of other events that happened today I wanted to share. First while at the Heritage Days, there are two other tatters - 1 needle and 1 shuttle. Well every year we make each other a little something.. I made more of Heather's awareness ribbons and handed them out in honor of my sister - a 6 year breast cancer survivor this month... Well the shuttle tatted gave a me a cute little butterfly and the needle tatter.... her husband is a wood carver... she gave me a SHUTTLE!!! It is very nice, I will get a picture taken and posted... Also today while I was tattin and chattin, my husband and daughter were helping his folks move.. He brought me home Grandma Pearl's treadle sewing machine!!! I about cried... My mom-in-law don't always see eye to eye and I never expected to have that given to me.. I will cherish both presents of the day forever!!!

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