Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last 5 for my friend....

These are just so much fun to make.. Quick, easy and fun to customize for the person they are for.. Here are the last 5 for my friend that wanted some for gifts.. All made in Lizbeth with the charms from Wal-Mart. I did find some different little charms at Micheal's while I was visiting my brother-in-law and his wife in Des Moines. I have 3 more in the works for gifts for my co-workers. I also started some snowflakes - tis the season! Happy Tatting!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What? 4 More?? :)

Surprise Surprise... 4 more bookmarks.. :) Here are yet 4 more bookmarks.A friend of mine stopped by the other night and seen one of my bookmarks laying on my kitchen table. After talking about them, she asked me to make some for her family members for Christmas gifts... I was honored.. So I have a list of 8 for her to make, along with some I would like to give out as gifts too. Three of these are her's. All tatted in Lizbeth thread. Red Burst, Turquoise Twist, Spring Time and Angel's Love. The charms on these are from Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby. I have started a pair of baby booties.. Will post a picture of them when completed.. Happy Tatting!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

two more bookmarks with lizbeth thread

Hello Everyone, Here are two more of my new favorite pattern! :) One with lizbeth's "Falling Leaves" and the other is "Harvest Orange Med.". The Destiny charm is from Michael's, it came on a card with 6 different ones. The "Create" charm is also from Michael's (I believe). They are on a string like a lot of the beads come on.. The words "Hope" "Believe" and "Wish" also came on the same string.