Thursday, April 9, 2009

Motifs 19 and 20

Hello Everyone!
Here are two more 'motifs' for my 25 Motif Challenge. First, is my International Tatting Day present for my dear friend, Yvonne (who was also a student of mine). This year she remembered me for Int'l Tatting Day - what a wonderful surprise! I need to take a picture of what she made for me. It is a beautiful Christmas ball. She made them for her sister's for Christmas and I asked her where mine was! So to my surprise I received one on Int'l Tatting Day. It is a blue tatted cover with beads on a silver ball - BEAUTIFUL! It was really nice and brightened my day, as on Int'l Tatting Day I had influenza A! I was MISERABLE! I felt so bad that she had my gift all packaged up for me at work, and I didn't have anything to give her in return. It was all I could do to get myself ready and to work! So I decided I really need to make it up to her. So I decided to put something together in hopes it would work. I had size 80 on a shuttle yet from my egg cover. I found these cute little heart ornaments - like the glass ball ones - at Hobby Lobby on clearance after Valentine's Day. So I noticed that the heart of desire pattern I found on the internet was the same shape as them... I tatted two of those, blocked them out, and then tied them onto the heart. It turned out really nice. I asked my husband what he thought of it, he thought that it would be a nice post-Valentine present for him as it matched his Easter Egg!!! So it was late but I gave it to her on Monday, she loved it. So for the next motif, yet another cross. If you can't tell by now it is one of my favorites to tat. This time it was yet another one out of Mary Konior's "Tatting with Visual Patterns" book, the small cross. Although, I really am not to impressed with the way it turned out. I used Lizbeth Zebra thread for the first round and then just plain black thread for the outer round. Not sure what exactly I don't like about it but it just isn't one of my favorites. So I guess that is all for now. I will take a picture of my Int'l tatting day gift and post it at a later date. Happy Tatting to All!