Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Bookmark in Lizbeth thread

Another bookmark.. This one is tatted in Denim Whisper Lizbeth size 20. I have actually made 3 more but this is the only picture that turned out.. Will try to remember to take more of the other two before I give them away.. Also has anyone seen the new Lizbeth thread color "Fall Leaves"? It is amazing.. I will be loading the next shuttle with this.. look for a picture by the end of the weekend!! Happy Halloween! Happy Tatting!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

my bookmark

I just love tatting this bookmark pattern... they work up so fast... The bead and charm combination are endless for the short end.. Plus working with the Lizbeth thread is a dream... This bookmark is tatted in Lizbeth's Antique Violet Med. I will be keeping this one for myself... I think... :) Until next time - Happy Tatting to all!!!

another bookmark

I finished not one to but two more bookmarks today.. only picture of the 1st one so far, the 2nd one I am blocking out yet.. I made this one for my sister. It is tatted in Lizbeth Turquoise Twist thread.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inflicting the Tatting Bug on yet another Victim :)

This past Monday I met up with two ladies for lunch and a little tatting lesson. One of the ladies I have taught to tat a couple of years ago but she was interested in learning the split ring. The other lady is a newbie.. I have to admit I think she might have been the fastest lady I had pick up on the flip. We sat at a diner for an hour and a half - tatting over coffee and o.j. for me. By the time we left, my veteran tatter had the split ring figured out and since our lesson has made a bookmark using split rings. My newbie on the other hand, had made 4 rings and chains... also having the rings joined together.. I was impressed.. We are meeting again on Monday. Also Monday, we are planning a road trip to the Country Closet in Reinbeck, Iowa is search of some new supplies!!! Lizbeth thread... sew mate shuttles... books... the possibilities are endless...
The photo I added is of a bookmark I made for my daughter's teacher. It is tatted in Lizbeth 20 thread - red burst I believe the name was... The pattern is out of Tatting Miscellany. The Ric Ric Bookmark, instead of the ribbon I tatted a short end and attached it with a chain...
Until next time... Happy Tatting...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

25 Challenge Complete..

After I posted my blog earlier this evening I then realized I have completed my 25 motif challenge.. I had no idea I was that close and also I have tatted items and given them away before getting a picture taken of it.. Also there was a couple of other events that happened today I wanted to share. First while at the Heritage Days, there are two other tatters - 1 needle and 1 shuttle. Well every year we make each other a little something.. I made more of Heather's awareness ribbons and handed them out in honor of my sister - a 6 year breast cancer survivor this month... Well the shuttle tatted gave a me a cute little butterfly and the needle tatter.... her husband is a wood carver... she gave me a SHUTTLE!!! It is very nice, I will get a picture taken and posted... Also today while I was tattin and chattin, my husband and daughter were helping his folks move.. He brought me home Grandma Pearl's treadle sewing machine!!! I about cried... My mom-in-law don't always see eye to eye and I never expected to have that given to me.. I will cherish both presents of the day forever!!!

It's Been a Long Time.... Motifs 19 thru 26..

So where has the time gone... I am finally posted after SIX MONTHS!! What a busy spring and summer I have had.. I have quite a few pictures to download of items I have tatted and mostly have given away.. The first two pictures in this post is the tatted bag I made for our County's Conservation Heritage Days that was today. I demonstrate there and they ask us to donate an item of our skill for their fund raising auction. I started this bag last thursday and finished it up Wednesday night. I made it with size 50 HH thread. The pattern is out of "It's in the Bag" by Dianna Stevens. I didn't realize I was to tat out there until just last Thursday - they usually give me at least a month notice.. At first I thought maybe I picked a pattern I wouldn't be able to complete in time.. Ok the next picture. I tatted this bookmark for my neighbor lady that helped me out a lot for my Relay for Life team.. It is tatted in Manuela size 20, the pattern is out of Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns book. The pattern is Filigree Bookmark. Next picture.. The same bookmark again, tatted in Lizbeth thread and a bead in honor of my niece serving in Iraq in the Army. I actually kept this one for myself and at the present it is keeping my page marked in the 3rd book of the Twilight series.. :) The other are just a couple of snowflakes.. the larger one of the two is out of Dillies Delights Twinkling Stars and small tatted gifts book. The smaller one, I honestly cannot remember.. And last but not least, 2 tatted cat and mouse bookmarks. Both are tatted in Lizbeth thread. Markeia received some hand me downs, in return she asked me to make the two girls something - so this is what she picked out for me to make the little 8 and 10 year old girls... Well I think that all for now.. Happy Tatting to Everyone!!